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The Ideation Room at the Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner

We have all been in a meeting that was dragging on for what seemed like forever. Sitting around a long table and listening to the presenter drone on about creating fresh new ideas and thinking outside the box when all you can focus on is trying to stay awake.

The Crowne Plaza Tysons corner has an exciting solution to this problem! We have created a unique meeting room that is nothing like any other in the world. We call it the Ideation Room. The room's design is centered around creating a different atmosphere that fosters the creation of ideas and makes meetings FUN to go to!

We have included several great features in the Ideation Room that really make it stand out as a truly unique place to meet such as:
  • 3 in 1 Eno Board that is has three features all in one! (1) Interactive smart board technology that allows you to write on the screen image being projected from you computer and then capture it for future reference. (2) it is a white board and projection screen for the overhead projector. (3) it is a magnetic wall that is great for hanging documents.
  • Cool colorful flexible furniture that allows you to create the perfect space and break out at any time all in the same room.
  • State-of-the-art Multimedia Technology that includes an out of the way ceiling mounted projector, 47" HD flat panel television, High-Speed Wireless Internet Connection, complete A/V services for all of your needs.
  • The Idea Store with a wide variety of cool games, puzzles, books and other material that are perfect to get the brain thinking outside the box and start a brainstorming session. The items at the idea store are also great to use as ice breakers and get a new group interacting with each other. Of course the ideas at the Idea store are free!
  • Full-catering services that features a unique menu of healthy brain foods that really get you going and keep you alert for the entire day!
Check out The Ideation Room Video that will give you a real inside look into what exactly the Ideation Room is all about and how it can work for you.  The Ideation Room is located inside one of our featured hotels in Tysons Corner, VA, the Crowne Plaza.

Contact our Meeting Specialist and Ideation Room Sales Manager, Maggie Drummond, for more information and to start planning your meeting in the Ideation Room Today!  View the Press Release about the Ideation Room.

Maggie Drummond - Ideation Room Sales Manager
703-893-2100 (phone)
703-893-2062 (fax)
Email: maggie.drummond@bfsaulco.com

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Friday August 18, 2017